Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions


  • How will you improve our search engine rankings?

    Chukkytech's SEO team strive to implement the most efficient Search Engine Optimization plan that will fit your budget, target audience, goals, and most importantly increase ROI. Here is how we do it: 1) Keyword research: Identifying your targeted Search Engine audience. 2) Content creation: Speaking to your human visitors and Search Engines simultaneously. 3) Inbound Links Optimization: Applying on-page SEO techniques to all pages of the site and across all social media properties. 4) Outbound Links optimization: Gaining popularity and backlinks from other websites. 5) Local search Listings: Increasing foot traffic from local customers. 6) Website Analytics: Learning more about your visitors’ needs and behaviour.

  • Can you guarantee that our site will rank #1 for a major search term?

    No, I cannot guarantee that. I will only do my best and the rest is up to Google to decide whether your website is trustworthy enough to rank on the first page.

  • Why should we hire you over other SEOs?

    You should hire us over others Because we fix the mess small business owners find themselves from previous website designers they hired to do the same job.

  • How will you keep me informed of changes you make to our website and how often will I get an SEO report?

    I will send you a monthly report on the following: a) Website traffic b) Traffic source c) No of leads and leads sources.

  • What kind of SEO work will you do for me, for off page and on-page SEO optimisation?

    Check our pricing page for more details on that, but just to mention a few out of the many tools we work with are: a) Google Webmaster Tools b) Google Keyword Planner c) Screamingfrog d) Moz e) Ahref f) SEO Spyglass

  • Which tools do you use - reporting tools, link building tools, technical SEO tools, research tools?

    We do a quick audit on the site and look out for the following red flags: a) URL structure b) Site speed c) Missing Meta description, d) Unique page titles, e) long tail keywords f) H1, H2, H3 tags. g) Length of body content h) Site index i) Google Analytics j) Robots.txt file k) Sitemap l) Quality of Backlinks

  • How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

    The average amount of time it takes to see real results in a correctly executed SEO campaign is 4-6 months. That's the short answer. The more complex answer is “It depends on the website's age, current TrustRank with Google, and whether it has any penalties levied on it.

  • Can you share information on some of your past clients and their results?

    Case Study 1:ausbeta limited (A management consulting firm).
    Problem: Had a poorly designed website. No sales. Website was ranking lower in search engines.
    >Business Goal: Rank Higher in Search engines and increase leads.
    Solution: Redesigned the website. Added tracking tools to monitor traffic. Did keyword research and added relevant keywords. Created a blog with content that people are interested in and that has become popular in the international freight forwarding industry.
    Results: Rated amongst top 50 freight forwarding blogs by international freight forwarders. Increase in traffic and sales. Ranking high for keywords: air freight companies in nigeria, air freight to nigeria, air cargo from china to nigeria. Case Study 2:
    Simplinteriors (An interior design company and school): ranked lower for relevant keywords and getting low-quality traffic.
    Problem Identified: Poor search engine optimization on landing pages, competitor Maven School of Interior design was ranking tops for their target keywords, while theirs were nowhere near the 3rd page of Google search results.
    Solution: Did keyword research and competitive analysis, Installed web tracking tools to monitor why people were not converting. Added call to action buttons. Rewrote the content to make readers become clients.
    Results: Within 4 months, their website shot up to the first page of Google search results for "interior design schools in nigeria", "interior design schools in lagos", "school of interior design in nigeria", "interior design companies in lagos".

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